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Are you seeing what I'm seeing?!
These Paolo Sebastian gowns, from the 2016 Nightingale Collection, are some of the most DARING gowns for brides that I have EVER SEEN!
Sheer much?
Trust me, I don't hate any of these dresses. I actually love them. For the modest bride, these dresses are not for you. But you have to admit that the hand beaded detail and patterns on these gowns is exquisite!
What do you all think?
Don't look at the price. hahaha
So glad that you liked these. I am busy researching a bunch of cool designers. Paolo Sebastian has been on my radar awhile. I am going to be sharing more fabulous gowns really soon @jordanhamilton
wow!!!! these are stunning. literally. like you said they aren't for the modest, but I can only imagine walking down the aisle in one of these gorgeous pieces. talk about wedding gowns of the future. I am in love.
oh trust me, I won't!!! lol I can only imagine.
I cannot wait! especially if they are up to par with these amazing gowns. I'm sure they cost a pretty penny.