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I don't normally have dreams about things relating to K-Pop, but today, BamBam was an exchange student at my school...
What would you do if you walked through the doors of your school, exhausted, yawning, wanting to go home, but all of that changing when you lay your eyes on none other than Kunpimook Bhuwakul?
He's walking towards you and you don't really know what's going on. You're standing there, frozen, wondering if anyone else sees him, but then you remember that not a lot of people in your school know about K-Pop.
You're wondering what exactly is happening. You're wishing that you actually made an effort to look decent, but it's Monday, so you're wearing an over-sized sweater, leggings, and Ugg boots. But even with you not looking your best, BamBam smiles and asks, "Do you know where room 225 is?"
Your heart drops as you realize that BamBam, BAMBAM OF GOT7, is talking to YOU. When he realizes that you are acting weird, he asks, "You know who I am, don't you?" You slowly nod your head and he says, "Finally. I met someone who actually knows who I am. This is our secret, okay?" You slowly nod your head again and BamBam laughs. "You don't talk much..." He says. You open your mouth to say something, but the bell rings. (Also known as your lovely alarm clock irl that wakes you up at the best part.)
But that's only some of my dream. We spent lots of time together. We hugged and hung out after school. People were calling him Kevin, so I guess that was his English name? He was also calling me his "love"... WHAT IF MY DREAM MEANS SOMETHING ASDFGHJKL.
Have you ever had a K-Pop dream? If so, who was in it? What happened? ^^
my dreams are way too graphic and detailed to share here lol usually with jackson, JB, nickhun, and taec. sometimes both in one
@ivyvega1245 Omg. >.< They feel so real and you wake up, wishing you can go back to sleep to continue your dream.
I need K-Pop dreams. I need them now, right now.
I once had a dream that I was getting married to Myungsoo of infinite.
I've had too many k - pop dreams to count heheh! Most of them starring Yoo Young jae, Bang Yong guk, or G-dragon.
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