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Is this person an animal whisperer, or just an experienced cat owner?
The funny thing is, when I'm hungry, I totally do this too. Or I used to, when I was a kid. I'd stand in the kitchen and open the fridge repeatedly, talking to my mom and watching her cook dinner. Not helping her, obviously, because I was a brat. Lol.
Now when I go home to visit my parents, I'm a good helpin' girl :) and plus I love to cook, so helping cook dinner isn't even a chore anymore.
Do your pets do something funny when they're hungry? Or do you?
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She makes a weird howling noise. But then again, my dachshund's hungry pretty much ALWAYS.
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One of our family cats, Peanut, just meows up and down the hallway, and when we dont get up to feed her and Chuck, our Maincoon, shes goes into my parents room. She snuggles up to them meowing and purring until they get up.
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no pets... sigh. I gotta cook even though I hate it. can't wait to get a fridge!
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Yeah, my cat tries to get tripped on when he's hungry... Lol
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My cat Binx is a jerk. EVERY morning like clockwork at 7a.m. he jumps on my bed and uses his paws to pull at my hair or head butts me in the face until I get up and feed him.
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