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looking for some good animes to watch any suggestions are appreciated
If you haven't already, then Charlotte Angel beats School rumble Baka and Test The ugly yet beautiful world rosario+vampire shokugeki no soma gugure kokkori - San UTA no prince sama Ouran highschool host club Air Air gear CLannad Peach girl inuyasha a black rabbit has seven lives Kanon 2006 legend of legendary heroes Kuroko no basket fruits basket Kodocha LA corda d'oro akatsuki no yona soredemo wa utsukushii date a live. kamigami no asobe card selector wixoss and kyoukai no kanata. That's what I can come up with right now. Thank you.
@winterhaven here it's a list of some off my favorites and most recent anime: Nana parasyte: the maxim tokyo ghoul aflame akame ga kill kenichi the mightiest disciple one punch man sekirei rosario + vampire baka to test golden boy( English dubbed, only 6 eps. and on YouTube. maybe the funniest anime ever) d frag no game no life nichijou food wars Hunter x hunter overlord Gate: and so the defense force fought. is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon testament to sister new devil daily life with monster girls my romantic comedy snafu hakiyuu yowamushi pedal hajime no ippo kuroko no basket baby steps yona of the dawn fate zero gai rei zero heavy object
here is a few from my personal list :Akatsuki no Yona, the irregular at magic highschool , akagami no shirayukihime , Noragami, beyond the boundary, Blood lad,strike the blood, Kaze no stigma ,chobits, Full metal panic, special A ,kamigami no asobi, majin love 1000%, Rosario + vampire,Gosick ,maoyu, pandora hearts, kimi no todoke , inu x boku ,wolf girl and the black prince,nagi no Asukara ,aria the scarlet ammo, earl and fairy ,mikakunin de shinkoukei, diabolik lovers ,brother conflict
If you haven't seen them. Fairy Tail Death Note Metal Fight Beyblade Sword Art Online HunterXHunter I've heard that Pandora Hearts is good.
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