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Since it's still his birthday in the States, I wanted to fill the Kdrama community with love for Seo In Guk! Post your own card about your favorite drama of his to celebrate!
As you guys know, Reply 1997 is my all-time favorite drama. I could watch it over and over and over. Part of the reason why I started watching it was because of this awesome guy, Seo In Guk :D
Seo In Guk plays a super sassy guys who seems heartless but is actually a totally icky, goopy, romantic. He's a great friend and a great brother - and he's one of my favorite characters in Kdrama ever!

Plus the kiss scenes in this drama are ALL SO PERFECT.

What's your favorite Seo In Guk drama?

Make a card about it and tag meeee!

Tagging some Seo In Guk fans :D
I just watched this last month and gosh I loved it!!! Definitely one of my favorite actors ever!
Yes I love him in this drama.Personally I just love him no matter what drama he's in!!💜💜
Mine is this one too!! And also I remember You!
omg my favorite seo in guk drama was also reply 1997😘😘
thanks for the tag :) my fav seo in guk drama is i remember you
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