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I am also leaving it open for DC, Marvel and video games characters too! Enjoy!
wow y'all I wanna be stuck in there with someone that can get us both OUT of the elevator XD like Bucky Barnes or Natasha Romanoff. I'd trust them to break us out. Batman too. And Superman. And idk if there's celebrity status for elevator repair-people but if we're talking irl folks then whoever the most famous elevator fixer is who I'd wanna be stuck with XD
Will Ferrell!
I would probably want to be stuck in a elevator with Jimin from BTS! By the way for those of you who aren't into KPop, BTS is a Korean boy band.
God.i mean Morgan Freeman
Joe Pesci. Just because Joe Pesci is Joe Pesci, and I used to be obsessed with saying his name out loud when I was a little kid,
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