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So I don't know much about this guy but I know he deserves love. I saw something allkpop posted about him and his new song with Dok2. So I did a quick youtube search and came up with this jem. Now you don't really here a lot of good rnb music in the States. Mainly because you have to listen on the urban radio stations because mainstream stations just won't play it. But man this song took me back to the good old days. Now I know this is about kpop but If we can post about other singers he deserves a listen. Please check him out and let me know what you think.
This is the song he did with Dok2. He hasn't posted the full video but the snippet leaves me wanting more.
I don't know him but I will definitely be looking him up after this. Yes please.
I'M ON BOARD! His voice is soooo nice!
I have never heard of these two guys ( shame on me!) but the song sounds sooo good!
I thought I was the only one who knew about him. DEAN is everything. I think I read somewhere that he was trying to break into the American market...im not sure though
Thank you
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