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Separating between friendship and room-mateship is really hard, especially in college. You want to have a great time, but you also don't want to live like a hobo. Some people are seriously content with mess, others like things clean.
People have to have a certain amount of routine, and sometimes when your routine doesn't align with your roommate's things can get messy.
Here are 10 things you wish you could tell your roomate.

Can you stop eating my groceries?

It's hard enough for me to be an adult, can you at least let me enjoy the fruits of my labor...literally...stop eating my fruit.

How do you mess up the living room so quickly after I clean it?

Cups, cigarettes, bottles of liquor, empty food containers...damn. It's only been 10 minutes.
Sometimes your roommates are a total garbage tornado.

Uh...what did you do in the bathroom?

What is this inhuman thing in the sink and or shower and or...ugh. No.
I know you're my friend, but come on!

Do you just have an endless supply of people you can bring over to annoy me?

Every time I come home from class, and I'm tired and hungry...there's new company. That means I have to try, and I hate trying.

Do we have to have a party this weekend?

I'm so tired! NO MORE PARTIES, and please, I don't want to have another Toga thing.

Were you raised like this...or do you treat our house like shit because it's a college dump?


Are you physically incapable of washing a dish, or do you just enjoy watching me clean up?

Is there some kind of magnetic pull between you and my personal belongings? Because they're like...personal.

It's okay if they borrow your hairbrush or something like that, but honestly: if they're going through things like your diary or worse...your computer, then you need to tell them to back off.

I know you're my friend, but do you realize you irritate the shit out of me sometimes?

Sometimes living with someone is a bit too close for comfort. We don't all have to be perfect roommates, but things can go much more smoothly if we open the line of communication and get along.
Minor skirmishes and disagreements will happen. Don't freak out about everything, be easy going...but don't let people walk all over you.
Be honest with your friends, tell them how much you love them, but don't let them off the hook...especially if you find that your living situation is uninhabitable.

If you can't reach an agreement...just live with someone else next year, it's not the end of your friendship, just the start of a more "adult" living situation.

This is making me happy I've never lived in a dorm.
hahah @danidee dorm, college houses, it's all hard lol.
Especially because its really hard to get your hands on alcohol when you're a little freshman in college!
I wish I told my freshman year roommate to stop drinking my beer...spent so much money on booze because of him :(
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