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cosplay ideas wanted
I have quite a few ideas of some people I would like to do but I would like some ideas from other people yes I am male but I dont mind crossplay so male or female ideas are welcome feel free to spread this around so others can see it
for those of you who want a good idea of what I look like here I am at work ~5:30am and then around 2:30pm after my shave.... I hate camera flash. the last one is me on lunch on the evening of Halloween/all saints day around 1:34 before the time change
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@Shannonl5 got a few ideas from looking around here. impa, Zelda, link, midna (though maybe a less revealing outfit) fierce deity link...
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Loki, Thor, yaroichi, nel, captian kuchki, edward, alphonse, winry, renji, samus, Lucy, xena, gabby, kaylee (firefly), Vincent, Reno, angelus, the darkness, magick, Darkchilde, jean grey, Emma frost
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@GinTenma yesss to all of those but especially Kaylee from Firefly... or anyone from Firefly tbh
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@Shannonl5 you think I can pull her off?
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@GinTenma heck yeah!
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