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I have quite a few ideas of some people I would like to do but I would like some ideas from other people yes I am male but I dont mind crossplay so male or female ideas are welcome feel free to spread this around so others can see it
for those of you who want a good idea of what I look like here I am at work ~5:30am and then around 2:30pm after my shave.... I hate camera flash. the last one is me on lunch on the evening of Halloween/all saints day around 1:34 before the time change
hmmm interesting, I haven't seen road warrior... I think and it may of been along while since I've seen legend . but it does give me ideas
@Shannonl5 Maybe The Darkness
@Shannonl5 you think I can pull her off?
Loki, Thor, yaroichi, nel, captian kuchki, edward, alphonse, winry, renji, samus, Lucy, xena, gabby, kaylee (firefly), Vincent, Reno, angelus, the darkness, magick, Darkchilde, jean grey, Emma frost
@Shannonl5 got a few ideas from looking around here. impa, Zelda, link, midna (though maybe a less revealing outfit) fierce deity link...
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