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[Spooky Weekend Club] The Host
It's the last Spooky Weekend before Halloween!

This is one of the most famous Korean horror movies EVER!

Here's the plot:
Scientists have polluted the Han River in Seoul so much that a mysterious creature (clearly a mutant because of the chemicals) emerges from the depths one sunny day in the city.
The film centers around one dim witted dad named Gang-du who will go to the end of the earth to save his daughter who just got taken by the mysterious monster.
Along with the rest of his family, they struggle to find their daughter who was whisked away right before their eyes.
It's a classic film by the incredible director, Bong Joon Ho (he directed Snow Piercer!)

It's fast paced, scary, and even funny at times.

Perfect for the action movie fan and especially the monster-movie fans :D

8.5/10 for me!

Tagging my Spooky Weekend Club!
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2 years ago·Reply
from 1 to 10 how scary is it?
2 years ago·Reply
@XergaB20 not really! and @SusiBosshammer maaaybe 6? tis really not that scary :D
2 years ago·Reply
Then I might give this a shot. :-D
2 years ago·Reply
I also enjoyed watching. The only downside of this film is CG but nice and witty storytelling totally evens it out. After all, this film is not about the beast, but the love of family
2 years ago·Reply