After four previous cards, we have narrowed and narrowed, and now we have the final two ladies of this bracket!
We have seen many talented female rappers go at this point, and I just want to send a big ol' heart to each and every one of those ladies.
This bracket was much more of a success than I even thought possible, and I am just so happy you guys enjoy being put through the emotional torture of having to pick who you think is the best idol female rapper.
41 people voted in the semi-finals! WOW!
Thank you all so much, truly.
The voting was super obvious on who was going to win, but the two ladies who didn't make it still got some votes. But, lets face it, it was pretty much a landslide win for the two ladies in the finals.
You ready to vote????
In Guk thinks that both of these ladies are worthy of winning!
One more bout with the rules!
Since this is the finals, we only have two ladies.
Simple enough, just pick the one lady out of the two that I present below that you think is the most skilled, amazing, awesome rapper in K-Pop and comment her name below!
You can include why you love her, heart eye emojis, just say her name, whatever. I just need to know your vote!
If there is a tie, I will use my tie breaker vote, but you guys have been pretty decisive this tournament so hopefully it won't come to that.
Voting will be open until THURSDAY.
I'm giving a little more time to vote than I have been.
On Friday, I will make the Winner Card! YAY!
Now since this is the final card, I will include different videos of each finalist, showing their rapping skills. I might include a song that I put in a previous card, but you can click here and here to look at the previous card's videos just in case.
I chose these videos to try and showcase each idol at their best rapping skill, but my no means is it exhaustive, so feel free to look up more videos!


Amber Liu (F(x))
Amber is the main rapper of SM k-pop group f(x).
She auditioned for SM as a singer, but when being placed into the group, she had a natural affinity and tone for rapping so her training concentrated in that, ultimately debuting in her group as a rapper.
Amber released her debut solo album in 2015, in which she contributed creatively to. Within the pre-release track Beautiful, she has a self-written rap that was quite personal and her debut song Shake That Brass was mostly a rap/pop track, featuring her rapping.
The first video is Amber rapping to Eminem's Lose Yourself on a variety show, and the song starts a little before the 1:00 mark.
The second video is of Ailee's song Letting Go, which features Amber as a rapper. Her main rap starts at around the 1:30 mark.
The third video is Amber's debut solo track Shake That Brass, which I included the the Semi-Final card.
The final video is a compilation video made 4 years ago of Amber rapping.
CL (2NE1)
CL is the main rapper of the YG k-pop group 2NE1.
She started doing solo rap songs in 2009, though still in connection with 2NE1, and in 2013 she released her first solo single The Baddest Female outside of a 2NE1 album.
Besides the three solo songs she has done in her career, she has also done a number of collaborations in which she raps on other peoples tracks, most notably with fellow labelmate G-Dragon and more recently with American artist Diplo.
The first video is CL at a live performance with Diplo performing several songs.
The second video is a live version of her most recent Korean single MTBD off the 2NE1 album crush.
The third video is a compilation of CL's raps that she created in 2014.
The final video is a solo CL and Minzy from 2NE1 did together called Please Don't Go, and just in case you don't know when watching, short hair is Minzy, blonde is CL.
That is all I am going to put, feel free to look up more and really explore these talented ladies to pick who you think is the most talented rapper!
So please choose either CL or Amber in the comments to vote!
Thank you.
*I do not own any of these videos/gifs in this card, except the bracket one which I took*
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ahhh this is hard. but i'm going with CL
Okay voting is closed, sorry I'm so late getting to this. Winner card will hopefully be up tomorrow.