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What Kind of Tequila Drunk Are You?
There's something about tequila that just ruins people (or enhances?) Like, I can drink whiskey or rum, and still be a kinda-normal human being. But tequila?! It basically turns me into a person nobody knows existed.
My mood I have before drinking pretty much dictates what kind of tequila drunk I will be...

What kind of tequila drinker are you?

1) The Tequila Flirt

Hey mista papi chulo hey hey heyyyy

2) The More You Drink, The More You Want

Throw it baacckkkkk

3) So Who's Tryna Dine & Dash?

Syyyyykeeeee your food is mine now!

4) At least Your Vomit Tastes Like Lime


5) "I HATE YOU" Drunk Texter

You suck and your face sucks too

6) Passed The Funk Out

Dude, I'm good. Let me just sleep.

7) Bar Tops Are Made For Dancing

Got more energy than the energizer bunny

Which tequila drunk are you?

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LOL @Danidee @TylerOrtega @LAVONYORK those stories are HILARIOUS. I just get really lovey dovey with all my friends (and with guys too... awkward. lol) when I get tequila drunk. And i dance my butt off. I don't have any stories that are too crazy, because I usually end up going home with somebody before the night gets truly crazy -_____- lolllll omg my life... sigh
2 years ago·Reply
I'm always the drunk sober one.. Yeah that's a thing lol @allischaaff @allischaaff
2 years ago·Reply
What is the drunk sober one???? lol
2 years ago·Reply
The one that is drunk but some how can walk a straight line. The one that gets home and falls asleep on the toilet while on the phone making sure everyone is okay.. I had no idea toilet sleep could be comfortable until then lol
2 years ago·Reply
hahahaaa I literally laughed out loud!!! I am def that sort of drunk sometimes. and yeah, when ur drunk... that nasty toilet seat is the most comfortable thing ever! @LAVONYORK
2 years ago·Reply