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A few Americans sat down to watch K-drama for the first time and the result was a lot of confusion and some serious hair-envy.

They watched episodes from three dramas:

Boys Over Flowers

Modern Farmer

Coffee Prince

The takeaway?

"I'm making fun of them now but I can totally see myself five episodes later being totally riveted"

Watch it below:

Have you ever tried to show a drama to a friend? What was their reaction?

I told my best friend to watch Boys Over Flowers about three years ago and she loved it as much as I did!!
I showed my friend one and she said she could see how it would be interesting but she would rather me just tell her about it instead.
Well, I showed my grandmother Playful Kiss and she absolutely loved it and we watched it together. My brother and I watched City Hunter together. And I've told my friends ALLLLL about k-drama. I kind of sort of forced my best friend to watch some and she loved them so
wen I showed my friend he was like wat the f*** am I watching rite now and I said kdrama its amazing he didn't understand it at all😂😂😂😂it was funny
I watch I was laugh my head but then I was like oh wait that might have been me so I stop laughing
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