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A few Americans sat down to watch K-drama for the first time and the result was a lot of confusion and some serious hair-envy.

They watched episodes from three dramas:

Boys Over Flowers

Modern Farmer

Coffee Prince

The takeaway?

"I'm making fun of them now but I can totally see myself five episodes later being totally riveted"

Watch it below:

Have you ever tried to show a drama to a friend? What was their reaction?

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I showed my friend one and she said she could see how it would be interesting but she would rather me just tell her about it instead.
I told my best friend to watch Boys Over Flowers about three years ago and she loved it as much as I did!!
I made my mom and sister watch Healer and they liked it. My mom even thought Healer was cute. Then I made one of my friends watch EXO Next Door and she said it was okay and funny. Lastly I showed another friend several dramas such as, EXO Next Door, Dream Knight, and we started watching Blood and To The Beautiful You and she loves them. (But she's also into anime so it's only natural that she'd like Korean dramas as well.) I literally just made my mom watch a couple of episodes of Pinocchio with me and she's like, "this reminds me of Healer." Lol.
I finally got my sister to watch a K-drama! She watched "She was pretty" which is just so amazing; she loves SiWon even more than I do now, if that's possible. It's been nice to have someone in the real world to discuss one of my shows with (though I love and appreciate all of you guys!) And now my sister has agreed to try more: "*sigh* okay, write down a list for me so I know what to watch next"
I got my mom to watch Gu Family Book... and she was hooked so then we watched You're all Surrounded and then Fated to Love You... and now we have started Secret Garden... I've created a monster but I love it... lol its our bonding time.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†