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10 More Funny X-Men Headcanons

Because sometimes it feels good to laugh.

After the really sad headcanons I posted last night, I definitely need something to giggle at.
1. Apropos to the above gif, Gambit secretly enjoys being rescued by his super-strong lady friend. It's adorable.
2. Sometimes Professor X accidentally reads peoples' minds and frequently all he gets is the song that's stuck in their head. Which is why he now knows all of the lyrics to Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. The song is growing on him.
3. Wolverine paints his talons bright pink to make the kids laugh. It gets them every time.
4. They frequently end up needing to save the world on date night, which is why Jean and Scott have both ended up fighting evil in formalwear.
5. Storm is a baseball fan. When her team is losing, she really has to fight the temptation to call down some lightning to get the game cancelled. Can you blame her?
6. Rogue does not enjoy True Blood. Something about the main character just puts her off.
7. As a fall-back career, Jubilee considered working at TGI Friday's and making people's birthdays EXTRA special.
8. Nightcrawler can't always sleep at night, so he teleports to places where it's still daytime until he can. It's fun, but keeping track of appointments in several different time zones can be a pain in the butt.
9. Charles and Erik have a magnetic chess board; they both cheat.
10. Sometimes Archangel pulls weird pranks on people. Flying overhead and making ca-caw noises is a team favorite.
Just goes to show you even superheroes have feelings. lol
Scott and Jean fell in love with Wolverine, and Scott is jealous that Wolverine chose Jean.
LOLOLOLOLOLOL All are great! #2 and #6 are my favorites.
LOL!!! As a big Rogue and Remy fan I love the first one!!!
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