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The Quality of the Baggage Detector

The frame material that the x-ray security machines factory provides is one of the most important links of affecting the quality of security. Because the security under the environment of electromagnetic field by detecting the signals produced by metal quantity is very small, the signal processing is usually enlarged tens of thousands of times to meet the requirements of drive circuit. Level before only small displacement sensor that fear of change, after amplification circuit, is enough to cause alarm. So this asks baggage detector factory to be out of shape as small as possible in the process of using for a long time.
Security door is designed to be independent sample door case equipped with sensor door plank, which is thin and long shape with the thickness of only five or six centimeters (5 cm and 6 cm). The length is more than two hundred and twenty cm (220 cm). Due to the installation environment and working relationship for a long time, door plank that the X-Ray baggage scanner factory made is easy to be out of shape, the parameters of the sensor and that of the factory have a big difference. This will affect the detection effect, and cannot work for a long time.
Most of the current domestic X-ray baggage Inspection system factories are making the baggage detector in wood chaff board or high density wood fiber boar. As is known to all, wood chaff board or high density wood fiber plate is easy to moisture absorption and is affected with damp. It will be out of shape, dispersion and dissolution after a few months’ time. Because the air is humid and rainy season is long, especially coastal areas within a very short time after purchase these baggage detector factory can't use products. Good security baggage detector factory attaches great importance to product quality, such as shell with high strength PVC frame made of aluminum alloy material. The material is not easy to deformation, which will not be affected with damp and it can ensure that the product can use normally for a long time, the quality of the baggage detector product carrier can use 10 years without maintenance.
In addition some airport baggage scanner in order to product beautiful products, and then metal material is widely used to decorate the outside. Because the quality of the baggage detector is specialized to detect metal objects, such as metal decorative a lot of materials, which is an unstable factor. Sometimes because passengers pass by, wind resistance makes door plank frame on metal and receive sensor generated displacement and disorderly alarm generation. These baggage detector factories are due to unable to detect metal technology breakthrough, then on the appearance and the function of the fancy, only the lower market will put out at a low price strategy. We believe that our baggage detector factory is your best choice.
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