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"Genius. Billionare. Playboi. Philanthropist."

Since we all agreed on Thursday that we'd like to see a female Tony Stark, here are a few headcanons!
1. Reporters would probably criticize her for being unfeminine and she is going to give zero craps about it.
2. She befriends every single woman being attacked by Gamergate because video games are kind of a hobby of hers and she could use a cool girl squad to test out her newest ones.
3. Oh, a birth control pill for men exists now. She was bored last weekend and made one, you're welcome world.
4. She's still incredibly stubborn and selfish and brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
5. George Clooney, famous cab, wishes he could get on Toni Stark's level.
6. Any time a reporter tries to ask her about "who she's wearing" or "who did her hair" gets an elementary school science kit in the mail the next day, with love from Toni Stark, who is a GENIUS whose expertise is SCIENCE, and if you want to talk fashion call Anna Wintour.
7. There's a special scholarship for women in STEM that no one will ever know is funded by Toni.
8. Once, someone called her selfish for not having kids. Her response was priceless: “For starters, what kind of parent would I be- never mind I’ll tell you I’d be a terrible parent what are you even thinking. And for seconds, sure, if you really think my genetic material is worth saving, I’ll have you know I donated my eggs. So good luck whoever has to deal with that.”
9. It's Fury. It's always Fury.
10. She still drinks too much. She still flirts with Pepper and ticks off Captain America. She geeks out over science with Bruce. Because she's still a genius.
(Art via heroicgirls)
@chris98vamg yeah I second that. Pretty amazing work ^_^
@chris98vamg <3 <3 <3
It not being kind it just the truth! You are a very hard worker!
@chris98vamg @DLowLewis aaaah you're too kind!!!
@shannonl5 this is awesome and I appreciate the hard work you do for us!!
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