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Everything he says really is how I felt the whole time and what I was thinking the whole time, he allowed me to relive the concert once again and I loved it, I actually cried a little I still can't believe it happened!! I never thought I'd ever see them and then when I got tickets I was worried the tickets weren't going to work since we bought them from someone else online, and then I walked to my seat, sat down and saw all the other VIP's (That I wish I had talked to cause I desperately need VIP friends) it became somewhat real, then when I saw the guys... It was suddenly 100% real... every bad thing that was going on was forgotten, I felt so happy, that was probably the happiest I've ever been in my life! Now that I'm home it feels like it was dream! Like did that actually happen? Haha. I'm so thankful I got to go, and so thankful that I can relive the concert over and over again and feel almost as happy as I did the day it actually happened:)
@Marilovexoxo oh that sucks! but at least you had an amazing experience!
@ladygdragon I know! sadly I didn't get to meet anyone like I was supposed to (stuff was crazy and my phone died so we couldnt message each other where to meet) it sucked but I still had an amazing time
It was so incredible, I wish it hadn't ended! I met so many VIPs that I wish I kept in touch with and I saw my rays of sunshine and it was just the best night of my life @Marilovexoxo
@Marilovexoxo I know because the whole time it didnt seem real then when I saw him it was like holy crap im actually seeing my loves I seriously didnt want the night to end it was perfect and what made it worse but amazing was that GD stayed right in front of me most of the concert so I was convinced he was trying to kill me lol but I was a wreck after especially now because when I watch thete videos now its a whole different feeling its like wow I actually saw bigbang. but I seriously miss them they really went above and beyond to make the concert special
oh my goodness I was higher up and I was just happy to be there, and I convinced myself I'd be good I told myself all day I was gonna be fine and I wouldn't cry and then I saw them and I couldn't stop myself at that point! It was just that moment of thinking oh my god they are right there. I'm here, I'm actually here @Marilovexoxo
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