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A new kind of phone charger developed by the three engineers in Chile, uses only a biocircuit and a plant to charge your cell phone. E-Kaia, the company that developed it
A biocircuit works by being buried in a pot with a plant, and 5 volts and 600 milliamps can be harvested and converted into electrical energy without causing any damage to the plant.
This amount of power can charge a smartphone in about two hours.
"We found ourselves with the same problem every day, and we wanted to find a solution to it. Living in a world that completely depends on electricity, people would be out of communication whenever that source fails,” said the creators.
The creators hope that the technology can one day be used for more large-scale projects, like powering street lamps from nearby park trees and plants, or to bring electricity to rural areas in Chile where there is limited access to power plants.

Techies what do you think? Would you use this?!

@konaskorner @gaeljames92 @Zekiya @DaivonUnderwood (you can use this for your iPhone)
@Zekiya yeah I didn't think about it that way! I'd love to use it for other stuff too
That's pretty amazing. It would be great to see people given an incentive to plant more trees and plants in the world.
@DaivonUnderwood anytime :D big thank you for commenting! I agree, I totally think this should be bigger news. Maybe when there are more in the market
@ChriSingularis yesssss that's the next thing we need to figure out. Then I'll be a happy phone user. Also, camping would rock!
One more thing. IPHONE BATTERY FOREVER!! Lol😎😝
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