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... Batman.

Um. Okay then. For those of you who might not know, Batman is the property of Marvel's rival DC comics. So a bunch of your nerd friends probably winced when they heard Bush's answer (even though Batman is awesome).
The question was posed after an hour-long policy discussion at Libre Institute. The interviewer was probably just trying to close with something light-hearted. Of course, nobody's paying much attention to the discussion because we were all distracted by what happened next...

He's not wrong?

@Priscillasdoor @InPlainSight @BeannachtOraibh it seems like the discussion is no longer productive. I understand that this is something that we're all very passionate about but I think it is in the best interests of the community if we all agree to let this one go. @InPlainSight I know you suggested earlier that we agree to disagree and I think that was a wise suggestion. Can we all agree that this is no longer an enjoyable discussion and move on to another topic?
@Priscillasdoor @InPlainSight it's also really alienating. Like sure, she's a good-looking person, no question. But is that really the best thing you can say about her? Not that she's inspirational? Nothing about the fact that it's one of the first female-led superhero shows in ages (not counting Agent Carter, and Agents of Shield is an ensemble show, aaaand my geek is showing haha). Batman gets to be cool, but Supergirl is hot. It's a subtle double-standard
Mega facepalm! Politicians need to stop trying so hard.
No.....Batman's awesome but no.....
@shannonl5 I'm buying a shed full of mouth glue and agreeing with you
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