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... Batman.

Um. Okay then. For those of you who might not know, Batman is the property of Marvel's rival DC comics. So a bunch of your nerd friends probably winced when they heard Bush's answer (even though Batman is awesome).
The question was posed after an hour-long policy discussion at Libre Institute. The interviewer was probably just trying to close with something light-hearted. Of course, nobody's paying much attention to the discussion because we were all distracted by what happened next...

He's not wrong?

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@BeannachtOraibh don't give me your education speech ok? I know dang well what you mean. it's not my "opinion". it's the facts. if you're sensitive and don't like those kind of compliments then fine. but don't try and make it seem like what you're saying is fact when it's not. Calling someone hot, Sexy, cute, adorable, attractive is not objectifiying. It is realizing someone's beauty. objectifiying is straight up telling them you want them in bed. that's seeing them as nothing but a sex object. saying you think they are attractive is NOT
I will agree this is stupid..
No.....Batman's awesome but no.....
wat. why Jeb Bush. why.