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[8 Days of Halloween] Easiest Halloween Cocktail Ever!

With only four ingredients, you can't mess this one up!

Wow your guests with this lovely cocktail suited for even the spookiest of soirees.
Here's the cocktail, courtesy of the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess:
The Ingredients:




An Orange

Add two ounces of lemonade, a dash of cinnamon, one shot of whiskey and two orange slices, squeeze one into the cocktail and leave one on the side for a garnish.
There you have it! You can add a cinnamon stick for some extra kick, but this fall themed cocktail will be the best part of your fall themed activities.
Screw pumpkin spice, The Spiced Cider Lemonade Cocktail is the best.
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Sounds so good! A perfect autumn cocktail!!!
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