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You Pick: The Best Thor Scene?

No, 'all of them' is not an option.

Would it be easier if I told you that the other scenes won't take it personally? We all love the Thor movies (because they're awesome, duh). But what's your favorite *scene*? (Does it make it easier or harder if the character's scenes from the Avengers movies are also fair game?)
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This is mine!

It's a goofy extended version of a scene from Thor 2. Loki transforms into a bunch of characters (and Thor does too). It's in-character and totally hilarious. @ChibiFox @AshleyHibdon @AngelHawthorne @JuanVillarrealR @AnnieTesla @jennygirl @KTHinton @Marichel @DustinSharp @MarciMartinez @MizukiDreyar10 @konaskorner @Mirandha @LadyExperiment @normabm7 @bluerose101 @AimeeH @DanWest @angelsgift @MichelleHolly @LizaNightshade @Starbell808 @KaraHevner @DekaraMiller @JoshuaThompson @SeintoSeiya @Namrow @gatorchick96 do any of you have a favorite?
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