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No, 'all of them' is not an option.

Would it be easier if I told you that the other scenes won't take it personally? We all love the Thor movies (because they're awesome, duh). But what's your favorite *scene*? (Does it make it easier or harder if the character's scenes from the Avengers movies are also fair game?)

This is mine!

It's a goofy extended version of a scene from Thor 2. Loki transforms into a bunch of characters (and Thor does too). It's in-character and totally hilarious. @ChibiFox @AshleyHibdon @AngelHawthorne @JuanVillarrealR @AnnieTesla @jennygirl @KTHinton @Marichel @DustinSharp @MarciMartinez @MizukiDreyar10 @konaskorner @Mirandha @LadyExperiment @normabm7 @bluerose101 @AimeeH @DanWest @angelsgift @MichelleHolly @LizaNightshade @Starbell808 @KaraHevner @DekaraMiller @JoshuaThompson @SeintoSeiya @Namrow @gatorchick96 do any of you have a favorite?
my favorite is. from Avengers age of Ultron when everyone tries to pick up the hammer. 馃敤馃挏馃槉
I have two when everyone tries to pick up the hammer and failing. They are all laughing till cap almost gets it and Thor gets alittle worried. The other one is when Vison gives Thor the hammer and everyone just looks at him with an oh shit face
@shannonl5 favorite scene in thor the dark world is when Loki is changing into people and changes into Captain America.
If you're a little obsessed with Thor @saaneleetham is it cruel to ask what your favorite scene is? @ChibiFox omg yes it would be 10x more confused than when Vision did it!!! @Maizy0915 lol he's so chill about it XD I'm glad so many people like that scene! That and the elevator one lol
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