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hi this is my first time trying this and it actually seems pretty cool. I'm a teen and I love anime very much. I am also in love with kpop as well. 잘부탁드려요. I am in your hands. onegaishimas
AYE! Welcome! Vingle is probably my favorite place ever. Feel free to message me whenever you want about whatever you want. I hope you have a great time on vingle!
@RavenQueen0810 lol thx do you watch the girl that was pretty?
Welcome to Vingle! I have been on here for weeks and it is very awesome. Since your new you may want to try to do challenges to get yourself outthere a little. I too am a teen and it seems like we are into the same things! But I do have to say I am more into Korean things right now than anime.
Lol thanks ya it's really cool I think I'm gonna fit rite in @ScriptedSoldier
Nice ending lol I'm pretty new myself. Been a part of Vingle for a week now I think. *Looks around* It's a neat place 😊
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