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IT'S FINALLY FRIDAAAYYYYYYY!!!! And you know what that means – CHOCOLATE. That's right, another chocolatey celebration brought to you by me and @wellmvns ;D Join our celebration of the beginning of the weekend by drooling over the pics below!
Today's theme, with Halloween approaching soon: DEATH BY CHOCOLATE. I thought I'd compile a little photo essay of some of the many delectable desserts known by the name "Death by Chocolate." ;)
I have a feeling this one might prove a little much for @TerrecaRiley to handle... hehehe XD
First, a nice, rich, moist slice of chocolate cake. It's extra classy with some chocolate ganache and a few well-placed raspberries :)
Maybe you like the classics. Here's your classic Death by Chocolate cake, with 4 gorgeous layers of icing. Mmmm.
I mean, I guesssss if you want you can marble a little vanilla in there...
You know what, nah. Let's just stick with alllll chocolate ;D
Why not die by the hand of these delicious chocolatey cookies?
Or these perfect brownies?
Or these gorgeous macarons?
If that's not enough to kill you, there's always these adorable Death by Chocolate Mini Cheesecake Pies.
And this amazing death by chocolate ice cream!! <3_<3
Of course, there are some people who take this whole Death by Chocolate thing a little too literally...
@TerrecaRiley, PLEASE don't end up like this poor girl!!! XD
I hope no one suffered a heart attack from these beautiful images... and that you all have the most wonderful weekend :D !!!

Happy Friday, all!!!

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@InPlainSight no such thing. These are amazing, @allischaaff!!!
@allischaaff Amazing chocolate 🍫 card..Can't wait to eat some now!!
OMG I want to eat these now
sigh... I just died! My ambition IS to end up like that girl, only it will be by rum and raisin chocolate bars
Ahhhh @thePinkPrincess I totally knew that, I just forgot!!! Lol! I like the new name :D very adorable <3