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"It was years ago now - more than 10- when I first saw what was to become this Bugatti Galibier 16C Concept car. It was the Bugatti EB 218, a concept that shared the same fastback shape and uber luxury stance as this close to production Bugatti Galibier 16C automotive. Perhaps the EB 218 was a bit more attractive, but certainly not as advanced. Car lovers have known for a while now that Bugatti was to follow up its money losing 16/4 Veyron over a million dollar car, with other vehicles. Little is known about the details of this Bugatti Galibier but it will not be the significantly lower priced sports car we are looking forward to. It is an all new sedan, also with a 16 cylinder 8 liter engine and a two-stage supercharger. What is interesting about the engine is that it is made to be a Flex Fuel motor. Meaning it can accept standard gasoline as well as ethanol. The car also features a substantial amount of carbon fiber as well as the large polished aluminum sides. Yes, that is right, the car features aluminum siding. From:
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