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This week in the news

1. The Vingle Elections have started and people are running in a race to be the President (you don’t win anything, it’s just for fun). But don’t worry, you don’t have to catch them. (that was a really bad joke)
2. Thanks to El Niño snakes are washing up on the beaches of California. These are poisonous snakes are serpent-ly a problem.
3. There is a mysterious star in our galaxy that displays weird light patterns. Scientists are speculating that it is aliens! This could be a space-cial star!!
4. A bride was dumped on her wedding day so she gave her wedding meals to the homeless. It’s sad for the bride, but hopefully at her next wedding they’ll sing, "Don’t go bacon my heart."
card by: @danidee
5. Couples who split childcare duties have better sex.
oh baby ;)
card by: @allischaaff
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Hahaha @ButterfluBlu "oh baby!" is my favorite too :D thanks for including my article @nicolejb!! :))) I always love to see another installment of Punny News!! :)
These are always great. "Ohhhh baby!"
Bahaha, I like the snake pun. It's serpent-ly wonderful.
Hahaha I thought you love that @allischaaff :) I tried to cater my joke to the individual...we’ll see how that goes in the future. :D
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