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I'm sort of getting into got7, but I wouldn't exactly call myself a fan yet. Since I enjoyed their live performances I posted the other day, I thought it was time to watch their practice vids and learn everyone's name! Since I really only knew Jackson and Mark well, haha!!
Since I don't know them well, I'm going to copy and paste this AWESOME list of who is who and some of their traits :) Let me know if they're accurate, lol!!
Thank you to the amazing person on youtube who wrote these up!!!! Find her here :)
0:11 sleeve-less black shirt + blonde hair ❃ JACKSON (jackson/ka-yee wang)
- 'wild & sexy' self-proclaimed member
- lead rapper / 94-liner / chinese (hongkong)
- hyperactive, usually the center of attention, people-oriented/fun-loving/most social, sensitive deep down, resident mood-maker
0:21 sleeve-less pink shirt + pink hair ❃ MARK (mark/yi-en tuan)
- sweet boi of a few words
- main rapper / 93-liner a.k.a the eldest / american-chinese (california-taiwan)
- quiet/calm most of the time, kind/soft-spoken/boy-next door, awkward at times, boyfriend material
0:34 striped white & gray shirt + black hair ❃ YOUNGJAE (choi youngjae)
- actual puppy/honey-voiced genius
- main vocalist / 96-liner / korean
- 4D-like/weird sense of humor, kinda loud, thoughtful, sweet cutie pie, positive/cheerful
1:17 white shirt (w/ purple graphics) + blue cap (w/ polar bear) ❃ YUGYEOM (kim yugyeom)
- giant precious angel baby jail-bait
- dancing machine / 97-liner a.k.a the maknae / korean
- quiet but likes to tease his hyungs a lot, bratty cutie, pure/child-like, has 'chuunibyou'/middle-school syndrome
1:35 blue polka-dotted polo shirt + auburn hair ❃ BAMBAM (kunpimook bhuwakul)
- resident nae-nae whipper & aegyo prince
- lead rapper / 97-liner / thai
- fan service king, bubbly/outgoing/fun-loving like jackson but more composed, fashion king/conscious of appearance, has many bright ideas/thoughts, a fan of pop culture
3:03 white shirt (w/ box design) + black styled-up hair ❃ JB (im jaebum)
- chic d̶a̶d̶d̶y̶ father figure of the group
- leader, lead vocalist / 94-liner / korean
- sexy/cool/charismatic, dependable/responsible, easily takes on leader position, can be strict/straightforward but protective, a REAL manly man (unlike luhan ʘ‿ʘ)
3:12 beige cardigan + straw hat + black hair ❃ JUNIOR (park jinyoung)
- peach-butt/lil pepi mother figure of the group
- lead vocalist / 94-liner / korean
- most organized/perfectionist, book nerd, speaks in metaphors/words with deep meaning, thorough/thoughtful/caring, tends to be moody/sensitive, inspiring

SO.....Who's your Got7 bias?

(coughs jackson coughs)
@cindystran wooo jackson!! @StephanieDuong Yes ok good hahah!!!! @SerenaMcG jackson ♡.♡ @merryjayne13 I like them too!!
Mine is Mark and BamBam...
perfect!!! good job, and my bias' are Jackson and Yugyeom <3
OMGGGGGG. THIS WAS GREAT. 100% accurate. :D
100% accurate! and my bias are Mark and Bambam...also Markbam fan!!
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