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Let's get to know each other Marvelers!

Since there are so many wonderful new people in the community, it seems like a great time to do a fun 'get to know me' game. Here's how it works: you leave a number in the comments, and I have to answer the corresponding question! If anyone else also wants to do the meme, feel free to copy and paste these questions (or create your own) on a new card so we can all get to know each other better!
1. What comic are you reading right now?
2. Your favorite Marvel movie?
3. Your favorite DC movie?
4. How did you get into comics?
5. Favorite female hero?
6. Favorite female villain?
7. Favorite male hero?
8. Favorite male villain?
9. Favorite Marvel movie villain?
10. Favorite DC movie villain?
11. Favorite version of the Joker?
12. Favorite version of Batman?
13. Favorite comic-book tv series?
14. What's the last superhero movie you saw?
15. What upcoming superhero movie are you most excited about?
16. If you could cosplay any hero, who would it be?
17. Whose side are you on in Civil War: Team Cap or Team Stark?
18. Whose side are you on in Batman vs. Superman?
19. Any comics trivia you really like?
20. What are your thoughts on fanfiction/fanart?
@lanejlzero 5 I have too many! Kamala Khan, Peggy Carter, Black Widow, Wonder Woman... I think Kamala has my heart right now though. 6 Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn (they're dating so they count as one, right?)
@LAVONYORK lol no offense to Supes I do adore him but Batman is my bro XD
and as my #16 Darkchilde
@lanejlzero aww Harley and Rogue <3 and yeah! It's a pretty recent development but it's one of my favorite things
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