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As fun as watching kdrama alone has been, it's not as fun as watching your favorite show with your bestie or family. I've watched a few with my roommate, which meant I had someone to squee without THAT look. You know that look.
The one they give you when you say you're watching kdrama or you try to explain something about a drama you're watching. And inside you're like
And it's like I listen to your personal problems, you can take five to listen to my kdrama ones! I mean Hye Jin in She Was Pretty is not normal and what look does Shin Hyuk have?
That's an amused supportive face! Now I have joined kdrama group discussions but it'd be nice to find someone to actually discuss with. Not just a comment here and there. If anyone's willing or feels the same as me and wants someone to chat with, please contact me! Now a little background kdrama story. My favorites are
Coffee Prince
Reply 1997
Bridal Mask. Side Note: I'm in love with Joo Won.
The Honorable Mentions that are really close to the top are Good Doctor, It's Okay That's Love, King of Highschool, Marriage Not Dating, Heartless City, Innocent Man, and The Princess' Man. And of course Queen Inhyun's Man.
I'm currently watching Reply 1994, Kill Me Heal Me, She Was Pretty, Six Flying Dragons, and Cheer Up. I'm about to start King of Dramas I believe, and possibly Incarnation of Money. If anyone would like to watch with me, or even suggest a drama for us to watch together, please comment!
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I loved Kill Me Heal Me!! One of the best ones. I hope u enjoy it. I would love to watch a drama with u. U can choose one
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