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This is a rough translation. I'm sure there are many mistakes >__< Please feel free to point them out Part 1 + Translation: Part 2: Part 3: Ch 199 Raw + Translation: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Cover Page 1 I’m just an actor…searching for an answer Page 4 Kyoko: I’m so sorry… Director: What had happened, Kyoko-san? You were late yesterday and you are late again today! Kyoko: In this situation, there is nothing else but to kneel down and beg for forgiveness…Especially when I do not have a valid reason…. Director: Please stand up first… Page 6 Staff: How can she be late and yet pretend to be so carefree in front of the director? Just like today, by doing something offensive… I will not disappoint you…I will not live “like how I looked in your eyes” for the rest of my life Page 7 Director: It’s great that you seemed calmer than yesterday! I was still worrying so much yesterday if the two of you would fight each other. Kyoko: Actually I have not swayed…it may be because of what he said… Page 8 But we have already promised each other that till the end of the movie, he will be the “good brother”. He will remain the actor I respect…I wonder if anything will change in the heart of Senpai… Page 9 The relationship with my other self is only imaginary… But since that night….it did not emerge again It is neither Senpai or Ren…that frightening man.. I will become like this once I heard Shoutaro’s name Director: Is anything wrong? Kyoko: No…erm…a bit Director: Really? Page 10 Kyoko: Is there something wrong with my face? (Ahhhh it has to be my eye brows…have I overdone it? Or is it my lipstick? My wig?) Director: No….no…nothing of the sort. Just that, I have some questions for you… Director: Sigh…it’s alright…..nothing at all…. Kyoko: ? Page 11 I am going…after the B.J make-up has been completed, we’ll move on to the next stage Kyoko: What happened just now….? Director: I still can’t bring myself to ask her………what has been on my mind since yesterday… Page 12 Director: The thing on the neck, I have also seen it only for the first time this morning…it should have been around since yesterday after the make up… Is it some teeth marks or is it a kiss mark? Page 13 Director: Who exactly is the girl? Even though there is no rumor…I assumed he would have a lover… During a crucial time like this, how could he have done such a flirtatious thing? He is indeed such an actor, and never pleasant to work with. There seemed to have no reason to hide the marks because it would be even better for others to see it! Page 14 Word: Brother is mine, what’s wrong with leaving this mark of mine when he belongs to me? Director: He has indeed done something with her…How is it possible when he seemed to be mature enough… He could not possibly have done anything to her, who is still young and immature…. Page 15 Staff: This can’t be a joke… How could the two of them, as brother and sister, be together? I’ve seen it with my own eyes yesterday…. It’s impossible… Page 16 They even hold hands…Do you think it seem plausible that truly blood-related brother and sister would behave just like lovers? That’s too disgusting…. Page 17 There’s an updated news…. Staff girl: I think I saw “Gong Zhi Lang Da Ren” (Anyone knows what this person’s name in Japanese is? I translate from Chinese version so not sure about this >__<) Sister Li Xu You are back! Page 18 Sister Li Xu, Ai Hua Jiang(“爱华酱”) is recently captivated by a hero in the comic book, who was notorious for being a good for nothing and one of few words, but had a soft personality. Isn’t this the comic for only the bad? Page 20 Black hair guy: Don’t tell me that he has been cheated by someone who imposed as Gong Zhi Lang (“恭紫狼”) Who is the one who imposed as Gong Zhi Lang??? Page 21 What happened? I…I put my favorite clothing in the dryer by mistake… Oh..I get it now…what Senpai has been wanting to ask regarding the hickey on his neck...Everyone seemed fine yesterday… Page 22 What should I do? Could I still stay calm and say “You are right, so what if we are in this kind of relationship?” Page 23 Or should I explain it like a joke? Page 26 Don’t worry…. Page 27 If you can no longer wear these clothes, I will buy them for you, I will buy until you tell me that there are too many clothes and you ask me to return them. Page 28 Do I look so hopeless to you just now? Yes… Page 29 This feels good… Page 30 Leaving this world of reality….
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