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it's morning and I haven't done anything because... sick.... anyways I just started watching K-on!... I had to do a major search because I can only find it on kissanime (I have this community to thank for telling me about that website)
1) There's nothing quite like the pain of soft fingers playing guitar... building up calluses is so much fun tbh. My guitar teacher was probably sick of me being in awe of his.... but his were even indented from the strings!
2) My pinky finger used to do this to me all the time... it was hell!!!! Thinking about it makes me hold my finger close...
other than that these girls are super cute. The animation is a little rough but it really works with this anime.
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K-ON is one of the best anime I watched. It is super popular! They have a huge population of fanboys xD it's an anime for anybody that like comedy and relaxation. If you like fighting or intense stuff, K-ON is not for you. My brother brought an electric guitar after watching K-ON, but he never really use it. So I picked it up instead and self taught myself (thanks internet). I know your pain 馃槩 at first fingers hurt then have to learn to stretch them to cover those asshole chords like F chord 馃槀 then wrist hurts lmao. I used to practice 2-3 hours everyday. Sadly, life is getting way to busy nowaday :(
@kjnguyen Same! I haven't been able to use mine in forever though mines an acoustic. I can't seem to let it go though.
@MaighdlinS i have two electric and an acoustic. I'm not so good with acoustic but I still play my electric sometimes 馃槍
I think acoustic is a lot more difficult to make smooth quality sound. @kjnguyen I played for 5 years and only played a few songs in front of people that I practiced daily. I still wasn't all that great at the end but I had no encouragement from anyone to keep playing. They wanted me to go back to playing the piano.
or I should say I took lessons for 5 years