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I gotta say this has been the first anime that has made me cry like I crazy. No words came out I was just crying over and over on this episode and the next.
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@AustinJefferey sorry for late reply, but yeah angel beats was sad. my favorite episode was epi.10 when was obliterated ND hinata said he would marry her.
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what's this anime about?
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@Josuawhaley I just watched the series yesterday and i rank it in top ten anime series worth the time to watch and it's hard to explain but it's about teens struggle with their life after they died. I can't really say more without divulging into the story line so happy watching
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@JosephComeau thanks man. love this app finding alot of new anime..I see this going be a tear jerker..damn
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this anime is called "Charlotte". it is definitely one of my favorite of all time. the story was so goooood. sure the end could've went into more detail but I'm so glad it was an ending I could live with. some anime's will just end so abruptly without closure... this one end completely, and although I was gasping for more, I was able to find peace.
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