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Kirito VS. Kaneki I thought this would be a fairly balanced fight when I first brought this up to my friend since they both fight with mostly physical attacks and their strength is pretty close to the same so it would come down to a battle of skill in my mind. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!!
@coc212 there you go ^-^ now the vs is solved lol
ah actually you got a good point there
If Kirito had everything? I don't think it'd be equal, tbh Kirito would win. Kirito's game stats were OFF THE CHARTS and freaking unbeatable, but Kaneki was easily.... TOKYO GHOUL MANGA SPOILER beaten by Arima in the manga and essentially lost his life. He's not even Kaneki anymore, he thinks he's Sasaki. XD So, even though I like Kaneki more, Kirito would probably win that kind of fight.
ok so lets say that kirito is to have his strengths in the "real world", then he goes up against kaneki, both have really amazing agility and strength, but both also have the ability to quickly adapt to the person (or being) that they are fighting. so really all it comes down to is who will mess up first because i believe it would be an even mach. thats my thoughts :)
I've seen both anime and kaneki world win sure kirito has strength and agility but so does kaneki he can even change to another ghoul form and not only that kirito is actually a regular person out of the games while kaneki is an outside of the game is extremely strong...馃槂overall that's just my opinion but this was a really good matchup of characters 馃憤馃憤
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