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Kirito VS. Kaneki I thought this would be a fairly balanced fight when I first brought this up to my friend since they both fight with mostly physical attacks and their strength is pretty close to the same so it would come down to a battle of skill in my mind. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!!
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It depend on the surrounds. If the surround were more let SAO or ALO than Kirito would win. If the surround were more like tokyo ghoul than Kaneki would win.
kaneki. he has tentacles and can mentally break kirito's little mind. do not underestimate kaneki.
@coc212 lol i guess its not over yet haha
The reason I think kaneki would win is because his original kagune has 4 tentacles and they are controlled as easily as one would their own arm. while kirito is know for his speed with his swords I'm not sure if he would be able to keep up with kaneki's kagune not to mention kaneki himself fighting plus his nearly instant regeneration would begin to over power kirito. Either way though it would be an extremely close fight and either one would win by a hair. just my opinion though