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This chapter is definitely the climax of the "inner demon" arc. Cain let the "nice Ren" persona slipped and got a not-so-secret admirer. She fantasized about about what kind of person Cain is and neither Cain or the actor guy can stop her. Turned out the reason for this was that he gave her 100 yen coin for the drink and patted her head. Even though that's all he did Setsu got jealous asking him why he did that, going around touching other woman lol. The girl still has a little fantasy about Cain being a tough guy on the outside but actually a gentleman who would pick up a stray kitten in the rain LOL. Seeing the annoyed Setsu, Ren asked if she's jealous. Kyoko inside Setsu is shocked realizing that it was her real self as Kyoko who is having the feeling of jealousy and not Setsu! She's so amazing being able to keep the calm Setsu persona Cain is amused (and happy!) to see the jealous Setsu. But as soon as she's out of his sight Natsu realizes she's experiencing the same feeling when she saw Shou kissing another girl that is jealousy and despair. She doesnt want to go back being the idiotic girl who worships Shou. Inside her mind, the gentle Ren (he's wearing the necklace, I think it must have some sort of significance here!) is asking her to come to him and get away from the cliff but she shakes her head. His last word is, "Mogami-san" and then she falls off the cliff. Finally the pandora box has been opened! We'll find out what's in it next chapter which will be out on 5/2/13!!! Part 1 + Summary: Part 2: Part 3: Ch 200 Summary:
i dont get it a lil.ok kyoko is jealous ,and she realised that but she wants to run away and not let tsuruga know abt it so she fell down.and she realised that the box oppened right
I posted some translation here :)
oh wow thanks for the link @undaunted7 !! how did you find it?? I was looking for the jpn raw everywhere. Since @pnhq already did the translation, I'll just translate some of the parts that i like
@pnhq :of course i will support you!! Thank you so much for your summary. Work and study are more important. It's your future. I was excited for the new chapter is all.
@MajoRodriguez thank you so much for sharing the link!!!
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