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Instagram Artist Makes Disney Princesses Slay The Runway

The Disney Princesses are at it again.

This time they are ripping the runway. Talk about being fierce and fashionable. Thanks to Instagram artist Gregory Masouras, our favorite Disney princesses have taken over some of fashion weeks most popular shows, covers of magazines and the like with his projected titled #AnimationInReality. By swapping the faces of models with the faces of Disney princesses, we are able to see what it would be like for Ursula from The Little Mermaid to be Beth Ditto and Belle from Beauty and the Beast to be decked out in Balmain.
Masouras art has definitely sparked the interest of several viewers including fashion designer, Marc Jacobs who shared one of his images via his own social media account. Let's be honest, this is a rather brilliant idea and it gives us the opportunity to see some of our favorite princesses in a new, modern light. If you're loving the idea of this project and want to see more -- keep scrolling to see the princesses slay in the images [seen below].

Maybe it's just me, but the princesses do it better.

Don't you think so?
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Really cool xD the dresses are beautiful and Mulan can always look so cool with one look
I agree!!! I think the best image is the one of the three princesses at the met gala. the dresses are amazing!! @Luci546
yes, this idea was so brilliant @LAVONYORK
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