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1. You get notifications on Kpop apps about your Oppa is performing at a concert. Is a very close place that u can go to but you dont have a ride or ur not old enough to drive
2. You temp to only keep your love for only 1 or 2 group members, but suddenly there is that one member that catches your eyes and you then fall in love and wreck ur bias list!!!
3. You find out that ur UB is dating celebrity and you realise that you just bled internally (forever alone)
4. You and your friends are going to a concert close to your home, but then all of the sudden the concert has been canceled due to whatever the problem is.
5. You notice your bias dancing HALF NAKED at a concert and you are just dying to touch him!!!!
these ar just a few problems we fangirls face all the time. Hope your dreams come true.....with your bias
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OMG this happened to me right now I really want to go to B1A4's concert in Dallas but I cant. So close yet soooooooo far :(