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Lovely chapter this time! We finally can confirm that IT IS Nanami that Tomoe fell in love with! Too bad Nanami still thinks Tomoe loves Yukiji! Tomoe took her to see the full bloom cherry blossom and confessed how he fell in love with her. Isnt it the best place to confess your love to someone? Tomoe told Nanami ever since that day when she bit him (when she possessed Yukiji's body) that he started to have feeling for her (Is Tomoe a masochist? LOL). Tomoe: "Be mine...I have fallen for you. I love you more than anything. Stay by my side." Nanami cried and in her head she was thinking "I've already loved you from long time ago." But Nanami still believes that it is Yukiji that Tomoe loves and hopes that Tomoe will say those words to Yukiji. She fainted. It looks like her soul has to leave to return to the present. Then I wonder the time when Nanami first came back to the past when she saw a glimpse of Tomoe giving Yukiji medicine, was that Yukiji or Tomoe? Can someone tell me? If Nanami really returns to the present I hope both of them will realize their true love! The last scene is kinda disturbing. The freaking clown monster is dying and cursing at the little "big foot" and ended up being eaten alive by him! Urgh, isnt this manga getting a little too much here? Next chapter will be out sooner than you think, April 20th is the day! Do you think Nanami will really return to the present? Will the misunderstanding between the two of them be solved? Part 1 + Summary: Part 2: Part 3: Ch 95:
@Sakura293 I didnt even notice @AlaxxisSade is right, it's 4/20 not 5/20 :)
I think you mean April 20th?
@Sakura293 that's considered a very short wait! some other manga you have to wait for 1-2 months!!
may 20th ? that is so long and i have ta want for the translation!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please updated
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