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In all honesty, I didn't exactly like the thought of a second season of SAO. I felt like it would ruin the anime for me, since most (this happens with movies too) do. However when I started it recently on Netflix, I found that I was instantly hook! First off, because of the plot. It was it's own thing, and I found I was intently intrigued by the mystery of who exactly this 'Death Gun' was! But the next thing that I absolutely fell in love with....
Sinon! She became my cherished little dear! ^^ Her character was amazing and so deeply thought out! Her struggle was something many people could relate to, not in the same manner (I mean depression, anxiety, etc.) but the fact that in some way to overcome it, she hid herself away and became someone else.
And I absolutely LOVE Kirito/Sinon! I used to really like Asuna/Kirito, and even Lisbeth/Kirito (it was once my OTP before I met Sinon), but I found that their relationship flowed almost perfectly. Their banter was ADORABLE, and I loved how Sinon found her own strength and will by witnessing Kirito's. But when GGO came to an end I got really sad... I thought maybe that was it for Sinon, even if it wasn't logical that they just randomly drop a character like that!
So when I found out that she would be switching over, and her place in the anime would continue, I was so happy! I was even happier when I saw how CUTE Kirito and her interacted! It might be just me, but I ship them more then I do Kirito/Asuna, and even Lisbeth/Kirito! I even started little Role Plays with my friends about it, which made me ship them even more!!
I mean it's just my opinion that they look cute together, insanely cute, but isn't it at all possible that they'd make a better couple then Asuna and Kirito? What if....? I CAN HOPE!