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I've always wanted to learn Japanese, and so this week I stopped wishing and decided to take action! I've been learning a lot of stuff on Vingle, and the app Memrise has been beyond helpful. To help with writing and memorization, I am going to practice writing down Kanji and Katakana down in this nifty notebook, and I am using a really useful book called Reading Japanese. So far, I only know a little katakana, but it is a lot less daunting than I thought it would be!
hey, good for you! a good app you can download to help you with hiragana, katakana, kanji, grammar, english to japanese dictionary, etc., is obenkyo. my japanese class uses it all the time. good luck on learning japanese too!
@Williwonka @JulesFord thanks, guys! I appreciate the tips immensely!
i reccommend textfugu!! you gotta pay for it after the first part ($20/month or $99 once + you'll get membership to their second site they're making) and the person who made it made it really easy and simple and he gives you his email and he emails back quick!! I'm able to ask lots of questions and have them answered in time for me to keep studying daily. It's good if you want to self-learn or can't find classes in your area like me.
Good luck on learning Japanese I am learning it right now too
I had recently bought myself a Japanese-English dictionary from Barnes and Noble.
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