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B.A.P My mom Bias is Daehyun but Himchan is causing wreckage lol.
History my mom Bias is Kyungil but Jaeho is stirring things up.
Infinite my mom Bias is Hoya but L isn't making things easy for her
BTS my mom Bias is Jin but the golden maknae Jungkook isn't helping her hormones none. Hope u like those are my mom's Bias Wreckers lol what's ur opinion?
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@StefaniTre Really!? Oh my goodness that is amazing! bad is it?
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super bad lol
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@StefaniTre i don't know if i should laugh 😅 it's a pretty good feeling to corrupt someone's music taste especially family
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My bias is Youngjae but Daehyun is starting to wreck it! Yongguk was already second so I guess Daehyun is actually moving in on that spot lol
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