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marvel has amazing characters, but if I was to make a team (rule was 5 or less) I'd pick Thanos anytime. strength, power ,armies before him and lets not forget a certain gauntlet. this cosmic warlord is out of this world ( pun intended) he had a pretty messed up childhood... ok messed up life lol as many of the heroes/villains do and I think his back story is what makes him even more interesting. however this is not about sad stories, I truly feel he is a top comic star- literally. greatest biggest villain ever.
and batman... because I'm the knight . I love batman - that is all.
flight and weather manipulation! oh my beautiful king of thunder the mighty thor completes my fantasy ideal team which of course would not be able to work in reality because of all the beef going on between planets and universe and stuff.
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Flash is my favorite hero so I'll choose him, then wolverine, green arrow, ultron (the cool one from the comics), and professor x I guess to lead
Gambit, Deadpool, Wonder woman, Thor and Wolverine
Ironman, Batman, and The Question, all in they're own special suit designed by Tony. With Ant-Man as their secret fourth member.
@GrowingArt The Question!!! Haha such a great character :D
I feel so bad. I love Marvel but there are those here who's love is stronger.... XD But if I gotta say who I'd want on my team... I'd say Wolverine, Storm, Deadpool... Wait is this just Marvel of can I have DC too? ;o Cuz if so I'd also have Harley Quinn and Dr. Strange to lead them~