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So it's that's time of the semester where everyone has to take midterms -tries not to cry- I already took my math one and passed by three points (don't know how). Now I'm waiting to take my English one which is a CATW (it's an essay type of exam) and it's got me stressed as hell. I've been wondering if anyone else has been suffering by the symptoms of midtermitis and just feels like they just want to go to a corner and cry (let's not forget that they bombard us with work like really I have 44 math homework's due for December 18). So if you are or feel like you will soon please comment your current midterm situation and I'll be more than glad to read it and not feel alone.
Good Luck and my midterms don't happen until i think..... January Lol
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Good luck! I have only had my math one....oh my didn't do that well despite studying T-T
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My midterms are next week...I just finished crying T.T
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I literally just posted a card about these struggles as well.-.
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