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Favorite Anime/Song?
So I'm still kind of new here. Decided I should try my hand at making a card ( I usually hide in the sidelines like a creeper xD ) So here it goes! What's your favorite anime and/or male character and song atm? My all time favorite anime has to be Yu Yu Hakusho. And of course my fav male character is Hiei. No explanation needed lol
By the way Deadman Wonderland is very note worthy even though it wasn't finished. Possibly my second favorite, although Tokyo Ghoul may take that place soon ( I'm still in the process of watching it. )
My favorite song atm is 512 by Lamb of God.
And I'm always open to suggestions! No idea how soon I'll get to them though lol Feel free to comment!
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Yusuke is pretty bad ass
2 years ago·Reply
hello sleepwalking from noragami season 1 is my favorite song an the auto God from the same is ny fab character
2 years ago·Reply
*and the Yato God
2 years ago·Reply
My favorite anime song is the opening of Nabari no Ou. Best guitar riff ever.
2 years ago·Reply
My favorite anime song would have to be from the anime senki zesshou symphogear from the 1-3 seasons 1-Synchrogazer 2-Vitalization 3-Exterminate all by Nana Mizuki
2 years ago·Reply