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5 Reasons Why Life In Korea Is Awesome!!

Since my last card about Korea mostly focused on the not so great stuff about life in Korea I decided to come up this card explaining some of the ways life in Korea is awesome!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و ->Link to the other card<-

Fast Food Delivery!!??!

Most restaurants will deliver straight to wherever you are via motorcycle drivers—who are notorious for speeding through traffic to deliver the food on time. And after you’re done eating, you can just put your dirty dishes outside your door because the delivery guy will come for them later!! How cool is that??? And its not only food- If you’re going to an important meeting but forgot your notes, you can have that delivered to you in less than an hour, too!

Public Transportarion

Transportation in Seoul is very affordable. The 1050 won (approximately $1USD) base fare is the envy of commuters in other major cities with more expensive public transportation systems. Plus, public transportation in Seoul is super convenient. You can get to pretty much every corner of Seoul only relying on subways and buses. The country’s fantastic bus network means you can get virtually anywhere in the entire country for under $30. Taxis are cheap too but sometimes aren't the best choice.

The Food

Go to any average restaurant in Seoul, and you’ll have Korean comfort foods like kimchi jjigae and seolleongtang make you feel like you grew up with your very own Korean grandma. It’s also affordable for everyone; you can get lunches and dinner for 6,000 won. Plus, Korean food is very well-balanced with a good amount of vegetables and meat in every meal. Living in Korea will change your diet, and it’s probably for the better.

The Nature

Most major cities around the world have access to nature within city borders, and Seoul is no exception. If you live in Seoul, you have Bukhan Mountain, a national park that can be climbed in less than a day for some of the best views of Seoul. There’s also countless other smaller neighborhood mountains that can be climbed. If you’re more of a water person, the Han River is one of the best places to go in Seoul. You can ride a bike, jog or even windsurf. The major parks in Seoul are kept clean, and they’re very accessible, even with public transportation. If you need a nature break from looking at a computer all day, Seoul’s got tons to offer.

Fastest Internet In The World

Living in Korea, you’ll be spoiled by super fast internet speeds. And in practical terms, that equals download large music albums, movies and programs in minutes and sometimes even less (when downloading from Korea-based servers). But more than speed, you’ll love the fact that you’re always connected. Buses, subways and high speed trains all have wifi. You can also go to the many cafes that offer their wifi for free. or even latch on to the plethora of unprotected wifi spots.

Anybody else wanna come with? XD

I really want to but my husband says no.... IG I could just move myself Korea sounds perfect for me!
I volunteer as tribute
@PriyaBala @thePinkPrincess WE SHOULD MAKE A TRAVEL SQUAD
I want go to korea, it my dream to go to korea.
why not? maybe do a study abroad program from college
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