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Kohh-Dirt Boys ft.Loota Dutch

Wanted to share this amazing song with you guys!!!! Its not Korean but its amazing.My Love Kohh is releasing his new album this month and he just released this video last night and I seriously cant even deal with life right now this song/mv is amazing!!!!!! It has my favorite Japanese rappers Loota(long hair) and Dutch Montanna(glasses) and its just perfect♡ Kohh is seriously killing me in this video and Loota....hes beautiful

LUHAN- Adventure Time♡

At first I was super iffy about this song because of all the autotune but I love it!!!! this song is perfect if you need so pep in your life because it will hype you up. Luhan was not playing when he said he was Reloaded
Thanks for sharing!! I really liked the first one. What's the band name again
@thePinkPrincess They arent technically a group but the one with blue hair(my #1 Japanese love ) is Kohh, the one with glasses is Dutch Montana , and the one with long hair (severed head) is Loota (2nd Japanese love) lol