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To get in the Halloween spirit I decided to make a playlist of songs/MV that make me think of Halloween :)
1. Vixx- Hyde 2. Vixx- On and On 3. Vixx- Voodoo Doll
1. BTOB- Thriller 2.A-Jax- One 4 U 3. A6P- Face Off 4. Boyfriend- Witch 5. Boyfriend- Bounce
1. Big Flo- Obliviate 2.MBLAQ- Run
1. Puer Kim- Manyo Maash 2. Lee Jung Hyun- V 3. Twice- Like Ooh Ah
OMG I think I just fell in love have I been under a ROCK or something?!?
I'm new to kpop but I'm familiar with a few groups but I clicked on thriller and almost died happily it was 6 am...
@MattK95 I like Christmas also mainly because of the snow but I like how around Halloween you have creepy things and scary movies. I'm strange like that
@MattK95 I am a psychic! (not really) I enjoyed making this list especially since Halloween is my favorite holiday :)
@destiny1419 not sure how you sneakily managed to predict my new playlist challenge theme XD but great job, fantastic list, and you were the first playlist this time, congrats ^-^
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