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My pirate crew will be called the "burning gods" And each one of those symbols represents one of nine gods from this crew
The CAPTAIN AIZEN SOSUKE(Bleach) I chose Aizen as captain for reason like he is a great strategic leader, who plans through what seems the impossible. His mind games are on another level of torture, yet reamains calm through most all situations. Aizen is also considered one if the most powerful bcuz of this. He knows Wats going on with the crew and can help acheive many goals
1st mate Uchiha Madara (Naruto) I chose uchiha madara as vice captain who is always mostly serious, and doesn't let people goof around go much. And he is there to give advise, help the crew in most all dangers and think alike on same level of the captain. He knows much about fighting so it will be great tool, also a little genjutsu wudnt hurt if we need interrogation.
Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) Erza is strong, fun, courageous and beautiful no way I wud say no to her lol. erza's ability to bond with crew members, and helping her nakama till the end is astonishing. she will goof around but be a great advantage wen she is needed.
Domon kasshu (G Gundam) I don't know about cyborgs but I do know something close to one I guess....LIKE the greatest gundan pilot domo! domo is an amazing gundam fighter who also does know martial arts and is a straight badass. He can be sincere and humble yet powerful wen needed. Domon is tough a bit at first but then easy as butter wen u know him as friends. great addition to the crew with bo doubts of loyalty
Edward Eleric (Full Metal Alchemist) Edward is the boy genius in the crew, he is the scientist/repair guy wen we need him. his inventions can help us greatly with him also being very strong. plus he is a great goof ball and wud be fun to be around with
Meliodas (Nanatsu No Tazai) Being one of the strongest demon meliodas is sm unstoppable beast if it comes to fighting. He is very chill, fun to hang around with and can drink like no other. He also can cook so yaay someone that can cook, and yea ik not to trust erza:P He is and ability that can counter any magic ability back at the opponent its called full counter.
Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho) yusuke is the guy who will prolly start fighting over stupid stuff like zoro and sanji. I picked him bcuz I need him to be that dude that does crazy things and makes the crew more fun. plus he is hella strong which immense spiratual power he has. spirit gun is op lol
Rias Gremory (High School DxD) yusss ik, why rias? its because rias is bae....lol no that's not my only reason. I chose Rias because her healing ability far ascends most all healing abilities prolly on par if not better than inoue's from bleach. She can heal you from literally any injury and if u die u might come back as s demon..yea op af. Rise is loving and helpful. so she wud be perfect nakama.
Inuyasha (Inuyasha) I chose inyuasha because he is a fighter who can be trust worthy of a crew mate. plus he is the guy who will start fighting yuusuke like zoro and sanji. These guy shud make the ship more interesting for sure. And yea he can be the mascot Lmao...but defentely smell out done treasure with his nose.
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it's also not case-sensitive
@VinMcCarthy lol ty, I feel like aizen wud br stronger 馃槣
@VinMcCarthy oh gotcha, appreciate the info!馃榿
@Jasz No worries! Great job! :)) Thanks for participating!
@Danse ofc bro ty for making this card, had much fun馃榿馃榾