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I've decided the next Anime I watch will be Angel Beats, but I need some help deciding the next one. Any suggestions are appreciated. so far I have watched the following: -Sword art Online seasons 1 and 2 -Bleach -Death Note -Fairy Tail -Log Horizon
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charlotte seraph of the end high schiol of the dead my little monster noragami assassination classroom himouto umaru-chan aka gaming brilliant park inu x boku ss no game no life attack on titan kamisama kiss code geass guilty crown akame ga kill food wars
baka and test food wars initial D naruto black bullet etc...... haha there is just so many
1. One Piece 2. The world God only knows 3. Ahora x Machinegun 4. Attack on Titan 5. Soul Eater 6. Tokyo Ghoul 7. Is wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon 8. Toradora 9. Rokka: the six braves 10. Black Butler 11. Kill la Kill 12. Gurren Lagon 13. World Trigger 14. D Grayman 15. Cowboy beep bop 16. Mayo Chiki 17. Love, Chunibyo, and other delusions. watch both series of it the one I listed is the first one 18. Fate/Night Stay 19. Free! 20. Hunter x Hunter These are just the first twenty anime's I could think of that I really enjoyed there not in order of favorites its just a random list of 20 good anime's hope you enjoy them and I tried to give you ones that hadn't already been listed
Accel world, toradora(amazing romance), dragon ball, full metal alchemist brotherhood, gurren lagaan, inuyasha. Just watch a lot of popular shut bro most of it is good