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I've decided the next Anime I watch will be Angel Beats, but I need some help deciding the next one. Any suggestions are appreciated. so far I have watched the following: -Sword art Online seasons 1 and 2 -Bleach -Death Note -Fairy Tail -Log Horizon
Fairy Tail is the best!!! but here are some other good anime: Assassination Classroom Clannad Ouran High School Host Club The Wallflower kaze no stigma noragami Avatar the Last Airbender (American anime) Karin Vampire Knight Kaichou wa Maid-sama Akagami no Shirauki-hime Magi: Labyrinth of Magic and Kingdom of Magic Akagami Brilliant Park Atsuka no yona Blood lad Your lie in april My Little Monster Beyond the Boundary Special A School Rumble Inu x boku SS
Charlotte Himouto umaru-chan Gate Snafu(my teen romantic comedy) That's a few of what I've watched really good ones too
Ok akame ga kill the devil is a part timer norigomi trinity seven food wars and I'll give u some more later. Order not to one I like more or least
Guilty Crown
charlotte seraph of the end high schiol of the dead my little monster noragami assassination classroom himouto umaru-chan aka gaming brilliant park inu x boku ss no game no life attack on titan kamisama kiss code geass guilty crown akame ga kill food wars
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