After four previous cards, we have narrowed and narrowed, and now we have the three male finalists!
We have seen many talented male rappers go at this point, and I just want to send a big ol' heart to each and every one of those boys.
I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who voted and kept this thing going, because you are all beautiful and this wouldn't be a thing without you guys.
So thank you again, truly.
47 lovely brilliant people voted in the semi finals! YAY.
These finalists were basically chosen by landslide victories last round, although not a single rapper got zero votes to their name so that is quite good!
You ready to vote????
^^this is literally all of you when faced with picking the best rapper out of these three guys.
But you guys can do it!
Lets do one more round of rules just to make sure we all got it.
Since this bracket had a strange number of contestants (similar to my cuties tournament I did), there will be three finalists.
Simple enough, just pick the one rapper out of the three that I present below that you think is the most skilled, amazing, awesome rapper in K-Pop and comment his name below!
You can include why you love him, heart eye emojis, just say his name, whatever. I just need to know your vote!
If there is a tie, I will use my tie breaker vote, but you guys have been pretty decisive this tournament so hopefully it won't come to that. I have already selected by vote for any way a tie could happen.
Voting will be open until THURSDAY.
I'm giving a little more time to vote than I have been.
On Friday, I will make the Winner Card! YAY!
Now since this is the final card, I will include different videos of each finalist, showing their rapping skills. I might include a song that I put in a previous card, but you can click here and here to look at the previous card's videos just in case.
I chose these videos to try and showcase each idol at their best rapping skill, but my no means is it exhaustive, so feel free to look up more videos! I definitely did not just stay within their groups to showcase their rap skills this round, especially with RM since he has a lot of solo stuff that delves in the hip-hop realm but he is still considered an Idol rapper.


Rap Monster (BTS)
Rap Monster, or Namjoon (OR JAMJOON BUT I DIGRESS) is one of three rappers in the Big Hit k-pop group BTS.
Rap Monster started off his rapping career in the underground rap scene, and eventually signing onto Big Hit with hopes of being in a hip hop group which eventually morphed into the present day k-pop group BTS which focuses on a more hip hop style.
Rap Monster has released his own mix tape, has done many solo intros in BTS songs, and writes his raps within BTS's songs ALL within the last two years in which they have been debuted.
The first video is a live, a little sketchy version, of Life from his first mixtape RM.
The second video is a live version of Do You, his title track from his first mixtape.
The third video is one I have included before, a live version of What Am I To You, an introductory song to a BTS album Dark&Wild.
The fourth video is a compilation of various Rap Mon raps.
*just so you know he does swear quite often, especially in the last vid so watch at your own risk*
G-Dragon (BIGBANG)
G-Dragon, or Jiyong, is one of two rappers in the YG k-pop group BIGBANG.
BIGBANG debuted in 2006, with G-Dragon getting a solo song of his creation on the first album, showcasing his talents for creating music.
Since their debut, G-Dragon took over the musical creation and production of most of BIG BANGs songs, writing all of his raps.
He also has released 3 albums as a solo artist, and one duel album with fellow BIGBANG member TOP, centering mostly on rap but playing with many different styles and creativity.
The first video is a the entire performance that he was in during the 2014 MAMAs, including Good Boy and a rap he wrote specifically for the MAMAs. (Taeyang shirtless go away I can't handle you.)
The second video is a rap compilation of G-Dragon parts.
The third video is GD/TOP's most recent song Zutter, performed live on Inkigayo. In case you don't know, the orange haired one is GD and he raps first.
The final video is from K-CON, and the Missy and GD version of Niliria. (him and Missy Elliott are so cute I can't handle it)
*some swearing so just be careful if you are sensitive to swearing*
TOP, or Seunghyun, is one of two rappers in the YG k-pop group BIGBANG.
BIGBANG debuted in 2006, with TOP refusing to rap anything he hasn't written from the very beginning. TOP has not had a solo album to date, but he has done numerous duel songs with G-Dragon, including a full album in which he has some solo songs, and many solo songs that he has either released as singles or on Big Bang albums (for example Big Boy was his first Solo on the BB album Since 2007 and Doom Dada was a digital single that he released in 2013).
TOP has stated recently that he plans on releasing a solo album after the BIG BANG Made promotions are finished, and I am waiting even so un-patiently since we all know that his army date looms in the next year or so.
The first video is the MAMA's 2010 performance including Turn It Up, his solo, the intro to TOP&GD and Knock Out, a duet between him and G-Dragon.
The second video is of TOP's solo Doom Dada done live at their Japan Dome Tour.
The third video is of the most recent GD/TOP song Zutter, done at one of their concerts on tour this year. TOP is in glasses in the video, and raps second.
The final video is a compilation video of TOP raps in various songs.
*not sure if there is swearing but still listen at our own risk*
That is all I am going to put, feel free to look up more and really explore these talented boys and pick who you think is the most talented rapper out of these three.
So please choose either Rap Mon, GD, or TOP in the comments below!
Thank you.
*I do not own any of these videos/gifs in this card, except the bracket one which I took*
Again...hard choice guys!!! Honestly this one would have to go to GD♡♡♡ TOP is very unique and has been a trend setter for upcoming rappers in search of that deep, rich, husky voice. And Rap Monster...his got a sick flow and is really putting himself out there as a rapper and artist! I love them all dearly and they are all so very talented. But GD is very versatile and that rapper that outshines many...and also a role model to many!!! Good Luck on voting guys:) This one is truly difficult!!😢😢
@baekhyunburger I mean, most people voted on popularity, but some did vote on skill. It's just whatevs anyone wants really. But yeah lol, this would not be my top 3 talent wise but I do think the three guys are talented.
T.O.P or Rap Mon?????? Such a hard choice but I have to give it to T.O.P though in all honesty I think him and Rap Mon are pretty equal. GD I love you too, but this is a rap contest and I'm sorry but the other two are better :)
ugh I love them all they all have different forms of rapping but I'm going to have to go for G-DRAGON
g dragon
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