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This is the sad reality for some females including myself. Funny...but seriously why? I should've been a THOT lol
I would also want to say not to worry about the guys who date women who are ~thots~ or ~not worthy~. It's either because they really do have something important to offer to that man. Or because they just settled for each other. Or who's to say that man actually has any value to anyone but that girl he's with. Maybe they are match made in crazy. Who knowwwwwwsss. I wouldn't sweat it though, seriously. People are together for all types of reasons. Great girls do end up with great partners, if they want that to happen. Love comes at different times for different people, whether we see them as valuable, good people, or not. :-)
The same logic can be applied to men
Idunno what to say, honestly. Maybe there really is some sort of love with those 'hoes' idk loll. I think anyone can get married, depending on your standards how badly you want to get married, like @Animaniafreak said. I am single most of the time because I am very picky and I am so focused on my career. I probably could have been married by now, but that's just something I am not looking for at the moment.
Personally, I feel if standards are realistic then they are good to keep. @jordanhamilton did u see this....@allischaaff @alywoah
Just saw this now @amobigbang thanks for the tag!! Also, paulisaverage changed his username to @paulisaghost lol. So I'm tagging him for you :) Yeaahhhh... I hear what you're saying. I used to think about this too. But in some ways I think it's important not to compare yourself to anybody else. So what if someone else is married before you? That's their life. This is your life. Everybody has their own timeline, their own set of values, their own beliefs... and maybe you don't wanna act like those girls, but it doesn't mean they're necessarily "wrong" for acting the way they do. Everybody's just tryna live their best life, the best way they know how. You know how people say for guys sex is super important... I think yeah, for a lot of people, sex is really important. It's not something they want to compromise on. But if saving yourself for someone you truly love or waiting a little longer is important to you, then you shouldn't compromise on that either. The cheap stuff might seem fun but honestly, no one who's wifed up or having sex is having more fun than you are. You'll find somebody amazing and worth all the waiting - when the time is right :)
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